The Pros And Cons Of Gun Control

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The gun control debate starts again, whenever, a new shooting happens and innocent people are killed. The people and politicians warm up to talk about gun control and strict laws, but slowly clam down till another innocent murdered. The reasoning for such contemplation is that the strictness of gun laws has led to several incidents within states that have strict gun laws since the perpetrators of these incidents have purchased their firearms either from black markets, or states where the severity of gun control is at minimal levels. There is other place many youngsters find guns is their home or steel from next door. Death and injury from guns is a serious and widespread problem that is caused due to easy access to guns in America and a policy on gun control should be legislated.
Second Amendment always become a hurdle when it comes to gun control. The most
American or the gun holders use Second Amendment as shield because it gives them the right to bear arms. But there is no amendment that tells people how to keep the guns safe from theft because in the most cases of mass shooting or murder, a criminal uses a stolen gun. The main point is that either the gun owner does not care others life, or does not know how dangerous a gun can be if felon is using it. One hand, they want to show off that they are law obedient because they are wearing guns because it is their fundamental right, on other hand they forget as a responsible citizen they cannot be a reason of other innocent people. firearm new share news about problem of gun theft, covered by senior investigation fellow “At the high end, that’s more than 1,600 guns stolen every day, more than one every minute” (Freskos, 2016).
These guns are stolen from the gun owners home or their vehicles, which me they left their gun irresponsibly. Therefore, the gun owners need to learn prior to gun how to secure their guns when the guns are not in use and where they lock their gun going for holidays. It can save many life’s without losing their so called ‘fundamental right’ to carry weapon.
Many people killed in natural disasters, but many combat if potential storm is in forecasted earlier. Temperament of criminals and psychological ill patient is dangerous

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