The Pros And Cons Of Gun Control

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One of the most debated topics in America right now is gun control. It seems like you cannot scroll through a news feed online, or even read through a newspaper or magazine without coming across an article or post about gun control problems. Some people argue that we don’t need any gun control, and others argue that we need even more gun control than we already have. More gun control would be bad for America because it will not lower gun violence, guns are useful for protection, and history shows that gun control is ineffective, therefore, America should not have stricter gun control. One reason more gun control should not be added in America is because it will have little to no effect on gun violence. A criminal does not care if the law says not to steal. Even though it is against the law, a criminal will still steal. This example works perfectly when talking about gun control. Just because a law says that guns are not allowed, some criminals will still obtain and use guns. This seems to be a simple concept yet there is still a lot of controversy over banning guns. In fact, there is clear evidence that laws don’t affect gun violence in the recent case of the 2016 Orlando shooting. According to the information passed through writers of the Los Angeles Times, the gunman of the Orland Nightclub shooting could not have legally obtain the firearm used in the terror attack. Due to several problems in his background information, such as accounts of domestic violence and signs of
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