The Pros And Cons Of Gun Control

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The reason that I chose this topic is lately becoming a controversial issue among the society. While some are for more laws to control the use of guns, others are entirely against this approach. Personally, I am for strict laws that can limit the use of firearms. Most people do not agree on every single topic. People who oppose gun control have their own opinion about the subject. Some of the gun control opponents state that gun control is not the primary cause of death in the U.S. They believe other diseases such as heart disease and other diseases are the primary cause of death in America. Other opponents of gun control also claim that laws that are intended to check peoples' backgrounds are a violation of peoples' privacy and the second constitutional right of bearing arms. Senator Ted Cruz and others took responsibility to vote against any action that aims to control the usage of guns. As a regard the process of legalizing the use of weapon, I have my personal view about the usage of guns. I am for laws that do not allow any person to own a gun. I believe that having a gun has more cons than pros. As gun advocates claim, It is very rare to observe people using weapons for self-defense. On the opposite, society experience more crimes that are related to the guns. Checking the background of those who are willing to own a gun will create a safer society. Even people who own a gun for years such as, Don Macalady, who is a member of hunters, are with the background checking to decide the eligibility for possessing a firearm. They believe that allowing unqualified people to have a gun will increase crimes that are related to arm usage. Even though the background check is an approach that must be done to decrease crimes, as the majority of gun control believe, this procedure will not be enough. Some people commit fatal crimes for their first time, such as the Las Vegas shooter who was one of the people who passed the background check successfully. Besides of the background check, some people are asking for mental evaluation for those who are willing to own a weapon. This approach is neither sufficient nor smart to apply because the psychological status of people can change anytime during their

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