The Pros And Cons Of Gun Control

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In the United States, various affairs are supervised within the federal government to ensure the unity and safety of others. Nevertheless, multiple perspectives on these issues are held with no consensus being set, causing controversy within the concept of constituency. From these aspects of disputes originates the “obligation” of gun control which incorporates the regulation of arms owned by ordinary individuals. This is due to the fact that societal standards believe gun control would effectively decrease the amount of violence that are associated with these weapons. However, this could be a false belief. It is true that deaths or crimes from guns could be reduced due to the scarcity of them, however, this may be a delusion in mere…show more content…
It is human nature for one to become aggressive when something is taken away from them. This can be shown in the protest of the “March on Washington for Lesbian, Gay and Bi Equal Rights and Liberation.” In this protest, people were urging the rights for homosexuality and to not be discriminated by their sexuality (Schmalz). It can be seen that people became aggressive and decided to protest due to the fact of not being allowed their rights of sexuality and this could happen with the enforcement of gun controls, as it violates the rights of owning guns. If this happens, violence may erupt and lead to an overall less healthy community. Thus, with gun control, riots and anger will ensure leading to a demoralized country. Not only that, crime could result with these laws. Even with strict laws, there are always ways to get what people want. Just because laws are made, it does not mean that they are necessarily followed. This instance could be implied by the creation of a Black Market for guns. Criminals recieve guns from gun sellers in the black market for double or even triple the retail price (Miniter). If gun control takes place, then the opportunity for gun sellers to thrive and the black market for this product to increase is extremely high. This can also be seen as drugs are restricted in the U.S, but laws regulating drugs are broken on a daily basis with the Black

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