The Pros And Cons Of Gun Violence

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In the wake of the recent Las Vegas shootings, the debate over gun control policy has been re-stoked to a higher degree than ever before. Both liberals and conservatives face the same looming question: Is there an actual solution to gun violence or is this just part of the unpredictable human condition? While many on the left believe that increased regulation is a step in the right directions, many on the right oppose this view. In an op-ed piece titled “Why gun control won’t end mass murder,” the author Tammy Bruce, a Tea Party conservative, argues that liberals are missing the big picture by focusing on gun control. Tammy contends that unpredictable behavior driven by our human condition is to blame for the mass violence. The point she makes is well received. However, we cannot deny that gun control laws may have prevented more acts of gun violence than we can begin to imagine. Up until 2008, Tammy Bruce was a lifelong Democrat who had worked on a number of Democratic campaigns. The incident that tipped Tammy towards more conservative values was the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal. There, she became appalled by how many liberal and feminist groups continued their support in light of his blatant dishonesty and misconduct. Today, Tammy Bruce is a radio talk-show host, a New York Times best-seller, a Fox News contributor, and also a columnist at and The Guardian newspaper. It’s no surprise that when it comes to issues like gun control, Tammy shares the right-wing,
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