The Pros And Cons Of HR Programs

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1. Do such programs promote the use of alcohol or illicit drugs, or just limit the harm forced upon society through the abuse of these chemicals? Depending on a person’s point of view and moral values there exists an argument for both sides of HR programs. On one hand, proponents against HR programs may state that by promoting the means the ends will ultimately be met. Allowing such programs to exist could be viewed as advocating for the very thing they are attempting to eliminate from society. And they may very well be correct with their assumption: Perhaps abstinence is the best policy. On the other hand, while proponents for HR programs seem to have conceded defeat against some of the perils of society and accept the fact that substance use and abuse, as well as other demoralizing acts are inevitable, this does not mean they have given up hope of someday eliminating the problems altogether . The choice for HR programs may appear to be a rationalization of sorts; accepting the…show more content…
173). There is definitely a correlation here that could be integrated with the implementation and continuation of HR programs. Lewis (2014) states, “Progress means not just changing, but changing for the better” (p. 5). If HR programs assist people in minimizing their drug use or better yet, completely eradicating it from their lives, or if HIV contractions can be minimized by the employing of a needle exchange program, and if pregnancies can also be minimized due to a condom distribution program, then I would have to say that this sounds like not just change, but a change for the better. Turning a blind eye or expecting complete abstinence from both sex and drugs users seems to be an unrealistic perspective to take which is why I am a proponent of the HR
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