The Pros And Cons Of Hallucinogens

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For a majority of human civilization, hallucinogenic substances have been taken spiritually and for medicinal purposes; in fact, they have been considered a social norm far longer than any law made to inhibit it. D-lysergic acid diethylamide is a naturally found compound within the Ergot fungus which grows on Rye and other grains, aiding the fact that it is a organically occurring substance (“LSD” Teen Health). Hallucinogens cause altered states of reality for the user and often change the perception of the world, including things such as time, distance, and the visual world. For this reason they have been used therapeutically for thousands of years to cure things such as anxiety, depression, and to unlock emotional tension deep within you.…show more content…
In studies conducted with nearly 130,000 patients in the general population and in US military veterans, “lifetime use of psilocybin or mescaline and past-year use of LSD might be linked to lower rates of serious psychological distress... Lifetime use of LSD was linked to fewer psychiatric medicine prescriptions and lower frequency of outpatient treatment for issues of mental health” (LSD Could Improve). New information is coming to light that LSD may infact have a positive effect on your mental state, and there is now more information supporting the treatment of depression and social disorders with safe, regulated psychedelics. Furthermore, the hyper emotional and psychosomatic journey that acid takes users on has been noted to resolve deeper emotional trauma in the forms of memories and past experiences, making them easier to deal with. The fact of the matter is, tightly restricted laws created nearly 50 years ago by the Nixon administration with inadequate knowledge about how hallucinogens work through improper research is what is preventing more studies in the field. Therefore those suffering from non-physical illnesses may have more relatively new and safer options as opposed to suicide or violence which we have seen in countless school and public shootings as a result…show more content…
This leads underground criminal groups to make money and produce psychedelics in unregulated and dangerous labs. Youths who want to try a drug such as LSD recreationally take the risk of the drug being spiked, contaminated by toxins, or substituted with more dangerous substances that can pose as LSD. For this reason, the legalization of LSD will act similarly to the regulation of alcohol; providing people with safer substances and keeping drugs away from minors due to legal laws limiting access. Furthermore, LSD is not a habit forming drug, unlike opiates, amphetamines, and other narcotics like cocaine, making it far safer to take in mediation (LSD Could Improve). The naturally occurring ergot fungus, which LSD is derived from is a safe fungus used for thousands of years by humans, a much safer alternative to cocaine which is produced in labs with harsh chemicals such as ether or petroleum (LSD Teen Health). The facts are that LSD is a much safer alternative to any illicit drug such as cocaine or methamphetamine which is highly addictive, and much more toxic to
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