The Pros And Cons Of Health Psychology

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What is Health Psychology Health psychology is a diverse career field; psychologists can be employed anywhere from hospitals to research to influencing health care. “Health psychologists… conduct clinical interviews and behavioral assessments. They may also participate in interventions with individuals or groups — for example, programs to help people reduce stress, quit smoking and avoid sedentary behaviors…They may study the causes of health problems and how to prevent them, or explore why certain groups don’t seek care when they need it. They may also help patients understand and come to terms with a diagnosis, or follow a treatment regimen in order to increase the probability of their full recovery (American Psychology Association). Health psychologists have a broad spectrum of people to treat as they treat people with mental disorders and create treatment plans for people; health psychologists need to understand all parts of psychology to provide effective care for their patients because health psychologists research, test people, and help their patients gain skills so they can better take care of themselves.
Many doctors are reactive when it comes to treating their patients treating the symptoms as they come, and don’t focus on teaching their patients ways to avert the onset of disease. “Health psychology can be applied as preventive treatment or as treatment for a pre-existing illness.” (Fogel). Health psychologists have the opportunity to treat the physical needs of
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