The Pros And Cons Of Hiring Student Athletes

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Another technological platform that has continued to aid recruiters over the past few years is social networking websites. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter have been heavily utilized in order to help prospective student-athletes become associated with athletic programs. These social networking sites give student-athletes the ability to keep up with specific athletic programs without being on campus. Unfortunately, there have been instances of people abusing social networking sites such as creating fake profiles, breaking NCAA regulations, among other behaviors. Stalkers have also negatively reached out to student-athletes on these sites, and unruly fans have used personal information that was acquired via a social networking site to taunt student-athletes during competition (Maher, 2007). The misuse of this technology is making it hard for the NCAA to regulate its use during the recruiting process. Some universities are even pursuing the idea of adding rule in regards to social networking in their code of conduct, which student-athletes must sign and adhere by the guidelines. Failure to comply would lead to serious consequences for the student-athlete to deal with (Maher, 2007). Scouting and…show more content…
Therefore, the two most popular forms of communication between coaches and prospective recruits appears to be instant-messaging and email. Technology now opens up the doors to recruit athletes from around the country, not just within the recruiter’s mailing area. Krause’s (2007) article, “Recruiting 2.0”, discusses how current technology gives college coaches a chance to develop proficient recruiting systems while still being able to shrink their recruiting budgets. Also, the student-athlete does not need to wait for his or her letter and skills video to cross state lines before the coach can view
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