The Pros And Cons Of Homeschoolg And Homeschooling

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Education has always been a crucial part of society. We desire the best for students everywhere; it’s necessary for success and improvement. Two controversial forms of education are public schooling and homeschooling. Though public schooling is beneficial, homeschooling has proven itself to be better in almost every area, including productivity, socialization, testing, cost, and flexibility. While in public school students are required to stay for countless hours, having no say in the curriculum. In homeschooling students have a flexible schedule; they can spend as much time as they want on subjects. If they struggle with a subject, they can spend more time on it; if it’s easy for them, they can speed through it. The students…show more content…
In addition to this homeschoolers tend to have better relationships between siblings and parents. An article written by Sharita Hunt follows the life of an African American homeschooling family; the mother of the children stated “her sons' lives were varied and expansive, yet without the intense negative social influences of the traditional school environment.” Another argument against homeschooling is its effectiveness; is homeschooling really all that effective? The answer is yes; tests have revealed that homeschoolers have, on average, equal or even higher scores than students attending public school. In fact they were shown to score up to thirty points higher than public schoolers in the standardized academic achievement tests. This success isn’t limited to specific homeschoolers either; these feats were made regardless of race, income, parent education level, or state involvement (Ray). Now there can be an occasional case where the typical homeschooling strategy doesn’t work. When both parents have to work or with single parenting, it can be near impossible to educate their children personally; however, there are homeschooling co-ops. Co-ops are as close to public schooling as homeschooling gets. A parent can enroll their child in these when they don’t have time or, in some cases, the skill to teach a subject. During co-op students learn a subject much as they would in public school, with one

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