The Pros And Cons Of Human Nature

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There is no doubt that nature decides what our natural physical characteristics like eye color, hair color, height, and weight are. But when it comes to how we interact with one another and who we become, the nurture side comes into play and leads us. Human nature or our humanity means our behavioral traits. We develop these traits through the culture, social norms and social ethics in which we were born into. Through our interactions with others we learn how to behave, we learn what is acceptable and what is not acceptable in our society (What are the factors that affect human behavior, n.d.). Those who believe that human development is dominated by environmental factors have been able to convince others of their beliefs based off of the studies of identical twins and on young children. If our environment didn’t play a major role in determining our behavioral traits, then those identical twins who grew up apart would still in all aspects of life be exactly the “same” person. However, this is not the case, there have been a number of studies showing that when twins grow up apart from each other they are never exactly alike, they are very similar but never the “same” person (Powell, n.d.). Another experiment that provides compelling evidence for the nurture side is the 1961 Bobo doll study conducted by Albert Bandura. This was a film shown to a group of children to see how they would react after they watched an adult beating up a bobo doll and shouting aggressive words.

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