The Pros And Cons Of Human Trafficking

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Slavery still exists in the form of human trafficking and this form of slavery exists as a threat to national security for the United States. Traffickers use force, fraud, and coercion to compel adults and children to engage in commercial sex acts or to work for little to no pay. Trafficking is an insidious crime, difficult to detect because victims and traffickers often look like everyone else. Trafficking victims can be foreign-born, or American citizens. Survivors can be any age or any sex. The only things victims have in common is some form of vulnerability (Polaris, 2017). While immigration reforms may be needed, sweeping changes without forethought may pose a threat to national security and create conditions in which human trafficking can flourish. When trafficking victims face the likelihood of deportation or imprisonment, they’re less likely to report incidents of trafficking, and fewer traffickers will be brought to justice. Gangs and terrorists are beginning to realize that human trafficking is a lucrative business and that human trafficking as a business is rapidly outpacing guns and drugs in international criminal enterprise. After all, you can sell a person many times over while drugs can only be sold once. Worse yet, human trafficking is often linked to terrorism and the drug trade, so allowing traffickers a free pass is also allowing terrorist and drug dealers more opportunities to ply their trade. (UN, 2017) As challenges to our President’s policies
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