The Pros And Cons Of Immigrants In The United States

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With more and more immigrants finding their way into the United States, there is debates as to which it is a good or bad thing they are coming into this country. It could be considered good because it is making our country more diverse. Immigrants coming into the country could be considered bad due to the fact it’s more people to provide jobs for when already 4.2% of the United States is unemployed. Therefore, a way to make Immigrants coming into this country a good thing would be to make Culture Schools. These Culture Schools would give Immigrants the chance to teach Americans about their experiences. They will have a curriculum including food, religion, experiences, language, and everything a culture is comprised of. Culture schools would open up job opportunities for immigrants and Americans, would help immigrants escape for any situations in their home lands they wish to leave, and could give Americans a great cultural experience. If the United States opened up culture schools in local communities, it will open up job opportunities for many people. These culture schools would need teachers, these teachers would be immigrants. These immigrants would come over to the United States for work and this way they would not be stealing American jobs. These culture schools would not only create jobs for immigrants, but Americans as well. There could be translators, administrators, janitors, and more. It would be a way to open up jobs for many different types of people and help
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