The Pros And Cons Of Immigration In The United States

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In the United States, immigration has been an ongoing controversial issue to both sides of our divided country. Typically, republicans are anti-immigration for a variety of reasons which majorly revolve around the social and economic aspects of the immigration process. However, while immigration opposition groups are actively seeking to end all legal immigration programs, we will find that through a variety of data, legal immigrants are necessary for the prosperity of our nation.
Immigration oppositionists have an array of strong beliefs as to why the United States should not take part in any forms of immigration. As of 2015, approximately 45% of the nations immigrants are of Hispanic descent. (Zong WEB) President Donald Trump has made his views abundantly clear in regards to immigration. President Trump believes that amongst the Hispanics that migrate to the United States consist of criminals who commit rape, steal, and work in the industry of manufacturing and transporting illegal substances. However, U.S. natives have a substantially higher crime rate as opposed to foreign born. Foreign born hold a crime rate of .86% while U.S. natives hold a crime rate of 3.51% (Zong WEB) It is believed that immigrants are a large financial burden to the United States economy. This statement is made in regards to deportation costs and the supposed “taking advantage of the welfare system” by the immigrants (Nowrasteh WEB). DACA (The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) has recently
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