The Pros And Cons Of Increasing College Athletes

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Register to read the introduction…The NCAA conducts national championship games for women and men, and sells broadcasting and media rights to these events; which are deemed business activities. These activities also satisfy the Sherman Act’s jurisdictional requirements that conduct alleged to violate antitrust laws that affect interstate trade or commerce (Mitten, M., Davis, T., & Shropshire, K., Osborne, Smith, R, 2013p.84). Moreover, I feel that college athletes should receive a paycheck every week, along with their academic scholarship paid in full. Intercollegiate athletics is now a multibillion-dollar sport industry and the NCAA has sought to capitalize on the popularity of its members’ athletic departmensrs and to increase their revenues (Mitten, M., Davis, T., & Shropshire, K., Osborne, Smith, R, 2013p.82). I believe that collegiate athletes revenues should be increased also: my
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