The Pros And Cons Of Independent Space Explorations

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Independent Space companies, and billionaires eager to mine space have created a new competitive business in America. John Lewis, a leading expert on space resources, and professor of cosmochemistry and planetary atmospheres at the University of Arizona claims the “future of space resource exploitation lies in the private sector” (Leonard). Private companies and individuals have their eye on the prize and are determined to be the first to mine space. In his address to the nation on Labor Day in 1971, president Richard Nixon said the competitive spirit "lifted itself into the position of the most powerful and respected leader of the free world” (Nixon). Private companies are keeping this competitive spirit alive today as they race to bring in…show more content…
Deep Space Industries is building “autonomous spacecraft that can extract minerals from asteroids” (Tynan) expected to launch this year. John Brophy the co-leader of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory claims mining space is “feasible using technology available in this decade” (David), however the feasibility is dependent three advancements; ground based observations, propulsions system, and human presence. Prospectors know asteroids contain large amounts of valuable resource, however they have faced challenges pinpointing mining locations. Improving ground based observation will allow prospectors to target asteroids and mine more efficiently. Perhaps the most challenging technological advancements is developing a “sufficiently powerful solar electric propulsion system” (Leonard), necessary to bring an asteroid back to lunar orbit. The last important advancement necessary to conduct space mining missions is the human presence in lunar orbit to “investigate and exploit this resource” (Leonard). Developing technology to access and mine asteroids is crucial the space mining missions. The three conceptual advancements are an important in developing technology to gathering resources from space. Technological advancements mean space mining is a realistic goal within the next century, promising a bright future for humans on earth. Additionally, the technology developed to mine asteroids will
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