The Pros And Cons Of Influencer Marketing

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For most of us, commercials have become background noise. We like it that way, of course – it's a chance to take our eyes off the TV and do something more productive with our time. Do you know who is not a fan of this new status quo? All those brands and marketers paying for the commercials. That's why a lot of them have turned to alternative ways of reaching potential customers, and right now, influencer marketing is at the very top of that list.

In a way, influencer marketing is just a new buzzword for a very old practice. The point of this strategy is to associate your brand with a trusted authority, and that can be anyone with a decent amount of social media followers. The main draw of this marketing strategy is that consumers are still
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These days, anyone can sign up for an Amazon Affiliate account; however, the potential Amazon Influencers need to submit an application to get in.

How do you get accepted into the Amazon Influencer Program? According to Amazon, you need to have a large enough following. There's no clear cut-off when it comes to the follower count, and the company claims that influencers across various tiers and categories are suitably represented in the program. Metrics such as content quality and fan engagement are also taken into consideration.

Upon getting accepted, Amazon Influencers are given their very own vanity URL on Amazon. Once shoppers click on it, they'll be taken to a selection of products recommended by that particular influencer. Every time the influencer mentions one of those products on Instagram or some other social media platform, they can follow it up by posting the URL.

When it comes to Amazon's involvement in the process, the company claims that they're not providing free products or helping brands reach the influencers. In addition to that, product selection remains the influencer's choice. Of course, influencers' own relationships with brands are not monitored
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