The Pros And Cons Of Influenza Vaccines

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The problem explored into this essay is the Influenza (flu) vaccine and if it should be compulsory for the students attending the International School of Amsterdam. Before going into details about the vaccine itself it is key to understand what Influenza is. The flu is a virus. Viruses are parasite which cause the infection and spread of diseases such as smallpox, chicken pox or in this case influenza1. Viruses enter a body which will be their host for the remaining of time. They attach themselves to a cell of the body and eventually with all the other cells leading to inevitable contamination of the hosting body1. This event can occur due to the size of the virus, which is around 8 times smaller than an E. Coli bacterium1. The virus of Influenza…show more content…
A negative for example is the cost which varies from 18.67 to 45.28 USD9. A price which has to be paid yearly considering the vaccine must be take every season for reasons previously mentioned. Vaccines contains a variety of ingredients that people could be allergic to. This excludes a whole group of people from getting the vaccine. Some of this ingredients are aluminium salts, sugars, egg protein, formaldehyde and Neomycin9. Also after the vaccination there is the possibilities of receiving some sides effects such as high fever, which happens in about 70%11 of children, eye infection, infections in general, which happen in about 1 person per 667,00011 and usually the person has a weaker immunitary system. In extreme cases it may lead to death (½ per million)11. The positive side of vaccines, though, can’t be replaced. It saves people from otherwise deadly illnesses such as smallpox and tuberculosis10. When most of a community is immunised against a disease it creates this effect called “immunity herd”12 which helps protect the group of people which for any reason can’t be subjected to vaccines. This poeple are, for example, elderly, young kids which can’t be vaccinated and people in hospitals13. groupd are people such as . The”immunity herd” effect works only if 19 out of 20, so around 95% of the population, is vaccinated, otherwise it is pretty
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