The Pros And Cons Of Information Leakage

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1.0 INTRODUCTION A simple way to understand the term “Information Leakage” or “News Leakage” is the confidential information that is published to the media without any authorization. In other words, Information or News Leakage could also be an incomplete publication which the information is only to be published on the given date. This action is totally prohibited in the news industry. Who is involved in Information or News Leakage? Of course, it is done by the employees of news companies. They are the ones who have the access to the information but do not have the power to disclose it to the media. However, in most situations, information leakage is also often done by the journalists themselves. Reasons being, they might think that leaking an information before it should be…show more content…
As stated by NOW Malaysia, in 2015, Malaysia fell two ranks to 54 because of perceived political interference in the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission’s probe into the RM2.6 billion that flowed into Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s personal accounts. If Putrajaya increases stiffer penalties for divulging information, this could bring it further down in the index, said Akhbar, as the CPI also measured how governments treated access to information and whistle-blowers. As stated by The Straits Times, Datuk Seri Zahid said he was not ruling out the possibility that Esscom which is Eastern Sabah Security Command personnel might have leaked vital information to cross-border kidnappers, allowing them to launch attacks in the waters off Sabah, including abducting a fishing trawler owner on Tuesday. By this is that information leakage about particular movement can cause a big issue on the society. Leakage of information can lead to serious matters that can involves national security that can endanger people’s
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