The Pros And Cons Of Information Technology

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The Information Technology industry is the fastest growing field in the nation, and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, between 2012-2022 projected 18% of the increase. The heist demand is set for Information Security Analysist, which expected to grow to 37%. (see table below) This day’s technology is everywhere, from a personal phone to all away to the systems that control operations of the banks, energy companies, schools, hospitals and everything around us, ultimately, all of it helps users to do something, technology is the world. If IT didn’t work, and didn’t function, and didn’t do what it supposed to do it would be a massive problem. We won’t be able to shop or use ATMs; drive a car or fly a plane; monitor patients or do the procedures; or communicate the way we do it now. Anything we touch anything we do is IT related. It’s such a powerful tool to create or make a change, it can diminish the poverty and drive the economy, and if you are someone who is determined to change the world, IT is the way to do that. People who are naturally inquisitive, like innovation, cutting edge, excitement and fun will make a great IT specialist. I think, the world would be a very sad and boring place to live without technology. Social networking and the way people interact with each other today gives us so many opportunities to exchange the information, collaborate ideas and create projects that make our society The Information Technology fields are fast growing and rapidly
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