The Pros And Cons Of Internal Investigation

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An Internal Investigation is inquiry involving internal wrongful practice, usually triggered by process of misconduct or malfeasance, with the purpose of taking into the facts and analyzing the damage. Moreover, Internal Investigation often include suggested responses to the emerged facts uncovered by the inquiry of legal section. Internal Investigation have become standard practice for business organizations that are required to resolve misconduct in bewildered practice or with complex legal issues. An organization, especially large company which live with its fame and trust, do not intend to deal with aggressive regulators or prosecutors. Accordingly, the protection of the organization and its officers required internal investigation so that the decision makers are fully informed about potential adverse consequences, and how to mitigate loss to the company and its management team. In order to prevail this purpose, the secret of internal must be sacred and can not be violated by any state’s officer. Thus, the theory of attorney - client privilege has been manipulated. According to Black’s Law, attorney - client privilege is a "client's right privilege…show more content…
V United states 449 U.S. 383 (1981) in order to understand the idea. In brief, there is the Petitioner, Upjohn Co., conducted an internal audit and investigation that appeared alleged illegal payments made to foreign officials in exchange for exclusively support the business. Petitioner volunteered notify such actions to the federal institutes, who issued a summons for additional information collected by Petitioner such as internal questionnaires sent to subsidiaries’ managing employees. Petitioner stated that those documents were protected by the attorney-client privilege. The main topic of this case was how far can this privilege reach and which components required to trigger this privilege. The supreme court gave an eight pages opinion to explain this
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