The Pros And Cons Of Internet Censorship On The Internet

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Censorship is any action that a society or government takes to control how ideas and information are accessed by citizens. Due to the rapid advancement of communication technologies, censorship is becoming an increasingly important issue for governments to consider. Therefore, many countries, most notably China, have already taken stringent measures against Internet censorship. Those who disagree with Internet censorship argue that it undermines freedom of speech and freedom of the press, therefore promoting ignorance among the citizenry. However, there are many advantages to Internet censorship. First, censorship allows protection of children from harmful and obscene content such as pornography. Second, censorship preserves national security because it allows a country to protect citizens from harmful content about weapons, illicit drugs, and terrorism. Lastly, censorship allows a country to protect its economic security by ensuring cyber-crimes, such as credit card fraud, are difficult to commit.

Internet censorship is necessary to protect citizens, especially children, from the abundance of harmful, illegal, and offensive material that is available on the Internet. There is much evidence showing that, while the Internet contains much useful information and resources, it also contains a significant amount of illicit content such as pornography (Clyde, 1997). Child pornography online is not only a highly profitable industry but it has also led to the sexual exploitation of children all over the
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Most notably, Internet censorship can protect children from harmful content on the Internet, preserve the country’s national security, and protect the country’s economic security. Therefore, Internet censorship is, overall, a beneficial action that contributes to the greater
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