The Pros And Cons Of John Curtin

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There were many negative and positive effects while John Curtin the prime minister of Australia had to go through the struggles of the war. In 1942 he tried to convince the Australian Labour Party to let men overseas that were conscripted. Curtin soon realised that his men would have to fight across the Pacific to protect Australia's mainland. Although Curtin had many difficulties with the Allied forces he never had the same right of bringing a larger armed force in the was, just like England and America. When the prime minister brought the Australian troops back he found that he had to do something to protect Australia's mainland.The prime minister of Britain wanted the Australian troops to fight outside in Burma. Curtin had to get the outside community’s help to support him during the war. Curtin also face the powerful Communist Party of Australia because of the trading issues. During the time of war it was expected that Australia's mainland was under serious threat. There were many practices that the government decided to overcome this issue. After the Japanese attack in 1942, the Australian shores were not protected. Many days later their was another attack in Darwin, also in Sydney in May 1942.…show more content…
In 1942 is had to force his party to let conscripted men to fight overseas. But soon realised about the consequence of sending the Australian troops. Although Curtin had many difficulties during the war he was a powerful leader especially because of how he had to maintain public support. Curtin faced many issues with the Communist party of Australia during the trades, they followed Russia when they formed the non-aggression pact in Nazi Germany. John Curtin was under stress when Japan attacked Australia's mainland. So he decided to do a blackout trial which meant that everyone clocked out every light to stop other forces to attack .Slowly the threat from the Japanese started to
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