The Pros And Cons Of Jurassic Park

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Jurassic Park was a theme park created to have live dinosaurs. These dinosaurs were created by researchers extracting dinosaur blood from fossilized mosquitoes. A small group of scientists were invited in to tour the park, and hopefully endorse it. A man named Denis shut down the security system to try and steal embryos. By doing this he turned off the electric fences which allowed the dinosaurs to escape and attack. The group got split up but eventually escaped in a helicopter. There are many reasons why I do not think they should try to clone dinosaurs. These include moral/ethical concerns, safety concerns, and ecological concerns. Cloning is real and possible. To clone an animal, researchers first remove a mature somatic cell such as a…show more content…
However, none succeeded. First, they made all the dinosaurs female. Because the dinosaurs had amphibious DNA and no males were present, they began changing their sex which allowed them to reproduce uncontrollably. Next, they had electric fences but, these were deactivated when Denis attempted to steal embryos. Lastly, they put the Lysine Contingency in place. Lysine is an amino acid essential for life. When cloning dinosaurs, the Jurassic Park workers removed this from the clone. They intended to feed it to the dinosaurs so if they needed to quickly end them they could just stop feeding it to them. Whenever they started reproducing and changing sex though, lysine was passed to the babies if it was in the mom’s system. This lysine contingency failed because they could not control lysine in the offspring since it was already in their DNA. If we started cloning dinosaurs today, very serious ecological problems would arise. Today, the food chain operates in a systematic and orderly fashion. If we were to introduce dinosaurs to it, the food chain would become unbalanced and discombobulated. They also could be very harmful to society. As one can see in the movie, it is very hard to contain them. There were not big cities and heavily populated areas when dinosaurs were here. It would be unfair of us to expect them to automatically
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