The Pros And Cons Of Keeping The Drinking Age

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Although, people who opposing keeping the drink age at twenty-one have some good points; they fail to accept the good points of keeping it a twenty-one. When teens already have an issue with decision making and maturity, it creates an even harder problem to solve. Though some teens may be very responsible with life and could handle alcohol, most teens will struggle with being accountable for many actions. For example, many students today are consuming information that their brain is unable to handle yet. They constantly want to experience all of the things they have seen through the media, but they fail to realize that are unprepared to experience that emotionally (Elmore, 2012). Teens are unable to grow in maturity normally due to society…show more content…
Many people argue that after a night and some pain killers the person is good as new; however, this statement is far from the truth. Alcohol can still linger cognitive deficits forty-eight hours after a night of drinking, and after heavy drinking by teens, it can lead to high blood alcohol levels the next day which makes some not want to get up and others who do it messes up the quality of how information is processed and how it is stored (Schwartz, 2001). If the drinking age is lowered, this allows the future of the country to not be learning up to the normal amount they can because of alcohol. Alcohol can affect how eventually the teen will not be able to succeed in school as well as a sober focused student. Keeping the drinking age at twenty-one can ensure that the future generation will be able to learn correctly and store information well. In addition, teenage drinking is a cause of large numbers of ER visits which have gone up seven thousand numbers of incidents in 2011, and with alcohol being cheaper and popular for younger people it makes the numbers continually rise in the future (Blau, 2012). The people who oppose the drinking age are mistaken because they refuse to look at the total number of hospital visits in teens from alcohol, and if legalized, how the number would dramatically increase. Without the law preventing teens from alcohol, there would be a…show more content…
Young adults need to be shown the defaults of alcohol, and they need to be aware of the results that stem from it. Many young adults think they are able to get away with drinking and partying without any repercussions. With that more accidents, deaths, judgment, and cognitive issues happen. The government and state should continue to keep the legal age as is it because that gives punishment for foolish decisions that happen. The people who fight the age need to realize that the drinking age was input to keep the teenagers away from something that could seriously hurt their future, and give a punishment for actions as well as safety of all the common public. If the age is lowered, the United States would turn into a chaotic mess. The numbers of medical problems and families affected by anything to do with alcohol would skyrocket. Teens would make decisions they never could fix ever more commonly, and this could ruin any further potential for the one young adult. The young adults are the new upcoming generation and they need to be focused, prepared, and ready not lost and
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