The Pros And Cons Of Kuching City Architecture

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Architects in Kuching

What are the Pros of Hiring an Architect in Kuching?
The city of Kuching, in Malaysia is a beautiful, coastal city in the state of Sarawak. The Sarawak River runs through parts of it, and allows the Kuching architects working here to create designs with beautiful vistas. The choices you have as a client are wide as the city has a well-balanced architectural styling. This means that the local architects in Kuching city have a free range of architectural style to offer their clients.
The reason for hiring a Kuching architect is that they understand the culture, and should you wish to have such an architectural style, it would be an easy task. The ideal reason for hiring an architect from Kuching city is that they would understand the flow of the river well. The architects would know what the clients’ desires are in
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As already mentioned, the architect has to understand the flow of the river, thus, there are restriction in building below the flood level of the river. Restrictions apply to building on the hillsides as well, as landslides could become a problem. Thus, the buildings should be reinforced, and would, therefore, cost a lot more.

Characteristics of Kuching City architecture?
The diversity in the architectural style of housing and buildings in Kuching city gives the city a beautiful day and night balance that is seldom found in other cities. The high-rise buildings are well spaced and spread across Kuching city with the lower rise buildings well spread as well.

Kuching city has typical Malaysian architecture, as well as a wide range of colonial, modern, and post-modern buildings. There is never a lack of culturally rich buildings in any of the Malaysian cities, and Kuching city is no exception. One of the best, and most beautiful Malaysian architectural buildings is the Kuching City Mosque with its golden
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