The Pros And Cons Of Life

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Everyday technology and scientific discoveries are being made in the field of aging. In a society obsessed with staying young, one must ask themselves: When is life too long? In these next two articles, we examine and analyze the benefits, side effects and the complications that come with living longer lives than we are accustomed too. These articles are “Who wants to live forever? Three arguments against extending the human lifespan.” By Martien A. M. Pijnenburg and Carlo Leget and “Science Can Help Us Live Longer, But How Long Is Too Long?” by Randy Rieland. The first article discusses three arguments against the idea of humans living longer lives. While the second article considers the pros and cons of living a longer life and why most people refuse comply. Even though, both articles present great arguments and a thorough understanding of the subject they discuss, Pinenburg’s extensive research, experience and credentials make his article the favorable choice to write a research paper on. Both articles present similar arguments on the same subject, nevertheless, they demonstrate contrasting styles of writing. The first article “Science Can Help Us Live Longer, But How Long Is Too Long?” by Randy Rieland has a more simplistic writing style and takes a more laid-back approach. Rielands article appeals to a wider audience. He includes photos and writes from the perspective of the average middle-class citizen. The first examples he mentions is, “While 80 percent of those

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