The Pros And Cons Of Love

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Josh saw a potential move and took it, “Austin you go ahead and grab the front, and we can go three in the back.” Unaware of his intentions Sara thought nothing of it, and readily hopped into the far side seat. Josh slid in and Tyler followed closing the door as he entered. It started small with one sided chatter and attempted sweet nothings being whispered. Sara was having no part in the attempt of a created relationship in this manner. She had always been gone after as girlfriend, but never a friend, and could tell Josh wanted nothing more than a hook up. Josh pressed relentlessly at the topic, “So if you can’t fall asleep later, and you want to grab a drink or something I’m there.” Austin could take it no longer and snapped around in…show more content…
In Josh’s mind this was the perfect opportunity to garner some quality time alone with Sara. However, before Josh could purse his lips to begin to make his move. Austin and Sara were already working out sleeping arrangements. “Do you prefer the bed by bathroom or the window” Austin asked out of sincere consideration. “Actually, I prefer the bathroom, thanks for asking” Sara had always loved and appreciated how sweet Austin was. “If only Josh was like that, maybe he’d have a chance” she thought to herself. As Austin and Sara retreated to their room in order to prepare for the night, Josh was subterraneously fuming. Tyler, blissfully unaware, proceeded to revel in the fact that he and Josh were rooming. “This is going to be sick Josh, just the boys, boying it up, am I right?” As Josh tried his best not to explode with frustration the only thing he could manage to say was neutral but slightly aggressive “Sure.” Sara and Austin unpacked their things and began to wash up in preparation for the night. They had both traveled a long ways today and were ready to call it a night because of their day ahead of them. There was an obvious tension amongst the four, and Sara couldn’t help but feel somewhat responsible. “How long have you been friends with those other guys?” Sara asked, curious to uncover more
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