The Pros And Cons Of Lowering The Drinking Age

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You’ll be alright. Someone always asks the questions, “ why doesn't someone lower the drinking age?” “ These teens are old enough to know that they perfectly conscious when they do this stuff?” A lot of people also say, “ Even if they do it, nothing will happen to them.” I will be giving my opinion on this. First of all, I am completely against lowering the drinking age. I have three main reasons why I am against lowering the age. The first one, it gives the youth time to grow and mature. Second, I have had family and friends die because of drinking at a young age. And last but not least, all of the long term problems that underage drinking bring to society. To begin my points of opinion,there are certain things that a teenager can not do until they are of age to do so. For example there is driving, until the age of sixteen, there is buying tobacco until the age of eighteen. And one of the biggest argued one is drinking until the age of twenty one. Teenagers are people who are too immature to be able to conscious of very important things. According to the website in an article by Chassin Gilford, studies on adolescents show that almost five thousand teens die for underage drinking each year. Approximately one thousand nine hundred in car accidents. These numbers are absolutely crazy, just to think that all of these lives are being claimed a year for something that teens shouldn't be doing. Also, according to the website in a large
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