The Pros And Cons Of Malnutrenting

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to provide inadequate parenting. The children that are undernourished and poorly developed especially those at risk in the first three years of their life are usually at the heart of grinding social inequalities that serve as a drive that truncates human development (Frijters et al., 2010).
Access to health care: It is widely known that individuals who earn low incomes have an average poor health status than an individual that earn moderate and high incomes. This is due to accessibility to quality health service. Poor health status can be closely related to poverty. In terms of financial accessibility, the poor might find it difficult to strike a balance that is the relationship between the willingness and ability of people to pay for quality
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Investment in the health sector has been identified as one of the means to help the poor break out of the cycle of poverty. To have access to good health comes with a lot of benefits such as improving the general quality of life.
Poverty and undernutrition during pregnancy: Under-nutrition and nutrient deficiency in pregnant women in addition to chronic energy deficiency is prevalent in many regions of the world especially in the south-central Asia and many countries in Africa (Melissa, 2010). Malnutrition is one of the main causes of immunodeficiency worldwide, especially in infants and pregnant women. Also, an undernourished woman at the outset of conception has a higher risk of serious health issues not just for herself alone but also for the baby. Naturally, a pregnant woman will experience additional demands due to the growing child, and without adequate nutrition, she will lose weight, and the chances of maternal mortality will be increased. The success of pregnancy is highly associated with diets. A good diet will significantly increase the chances of a healthy delivery while a bad diet during pregnancy
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