The Pros And Cons Of Marxist Communism

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I would like to start off this essay by first stating that it would be immensely hypocritical to call myself a member of the proletariat or even a Communist. I, however, subscribe to the belief that some of the writings in the Communist Manifesto, are indeed applicable. Which, in the long run should be implemented in all liberal societies as a means to protect the working class peoples.
Marxist Communism, in it’s most pure form, calls for the abolition of the old society (Pg 86) and radical ruptures of traditionalist ideas” (Pg 87). In it’s place, there must be a reinstatement of a new communist society where all old ideals of capitalism or feudalism or any other “old conditions of existence” (Pg 86) must be dissolved. In process of overthrowing the old society, Marx describes a plethora of other problems of which the proletariat as well as the communist party must face. Within the Manifesto are several different obstacles that haunt the struggle of the proletariat and the Communists. The chief of such obstacles is the “battle of democracy” (Pg 88), which Marx claims it to also be the “first step in revolution” (Pg 87).
In the following writing, I will explore the fundamental obstacles that Marx and Engels outlined in the Communist Manifesto that stand in between the present and the not-so-distant communist future. then explain why those other problems take a metaphorical back seat to the chief of all obstacles standing in the way of the proletariat is bourgeois democracy.
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