The Pros And Cons Of Medical Marijuana

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The medical marijuana debate is important today because of today’s high cost of prescription drugs as well as the huge opioid crisis occurring in the United States through prescribed medicine. Big Pharma’s stranglehold on prices of much needed prescription drugs and the inability to import cheaper drugs from elsewhere force alternative drugs into necessity. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is combatting Big Pharma and its manipulation of “the system to keep prices high.” While Congress fights within itself on how to properly drive drug prices down ethically, medical marijuana could serve as a cheaper alternative while also driving attention away from dangerous narcotics. People suffering from cancer, AIDs, and other deteriorative diseases can not only have a more natural medicine, but one far cheaper than what Big Pharma is charging currently. Consequently, lessening suffering within society as a whole, combatting corruption within the pharmaceutical industry, and lessening financial burden on those seriously ill. Next, the two primary sides of the marijuana debate are those who want marijuana to be a mainstream part of our society (medicinally and recreationally) and those who view recreational or medicinal legalization as a slippery slope within our society and the future downfall of our nation’s morality—with many somewhere in between. Those on this first side believe that marijuana—whether THC, CBD, or any other strand—should be decriminalized and accepted in society and in
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