The Pros And Cons Of Mentoring

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Merriam-Webster defines mentoring as process where a more knowledgeable individual imparts knowledge and experience to a less experienced individual (Mentoring (n.d). In Merriam-Webster). Mentoring is an effective way to assist and encourage teachers to direct their own learning so that they are able to realize their potential, enhance their skills, and become the teacher that they desire to be (Hudson 2013). There are a few differences that occur between mentoring and coaching. Firstly coaching is short-term and usually lasts for a brief period of time or for a few sessions (Stowers & Barker 2010). Mentoring is long term and can span over a longer period of time, usually for a year (Stowers & Barker 2010). Another difference that occurs when refereeing to mentoring and coaching is that coaching is driven by performance, and the purpose for this is to improve the individual’s job performance (Clutterbuck 2008). Mentoring is focused on development the reason for implementing it, is to improve the individual for the current job as well for the future (Clutterbuck 2008). This paper will examine
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The lack of time allocated to the mentoring process is an issue of concern. This often may occur because too much of the time has been spent on other tasks such as paperwork, rather than reflecting or discussing about the progress, areas of concern or issues that have arisen (Lofthouse & Thomas, 2014). Another issue that often arises is the various roles that the mentor may hold. According to Lofthouse and Thomas, (2014), the various roles that a mentor has and the expectations of each role that they are expected to perform in, may affect the amount of mentoring time available to the mentee. This will often leave the mentee feeling frustrated as they will need to wait, or may not get the opportunity to discuss issues that may be experiencing (Lofthouse & Thomas,
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