The Pros And Cons Of Military Budget Cuts

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In the past America has been a dominant superpower in the field of military strength, but for the last few decades, our military has encountered abounding liquidations and sequestrations, which lead to huge budget cuts. Nevertheless, America has faced many politicians planning to cut down on our military by virtue of it is simply cost effective. The Clinton Foundation has been cutting our military for countless years. Also, under the Obama Administration has been enacting laws comparable to the Budget Control Act or (BCA) which has been siphoning our military for the past 8 years. For countless years, defense officials remain silent due to the Obama Administration, vaguely America could keep its budget under control. Consequently, all four…show more content…
Consequently, the Obama Administration has silenced defense leader for a long time, so he could keep his Budget Control Act or (BCA). For example “8 years under the Obama Administration, top defense officials were largely silenced and prevented from articulating their concerns about budget cuts and decreased readiness”(Cooper pg1). The Obama Administration neglected top defense officials, which has resulted in “Army has lost more than 205,000 soldiers, or 30 percent of its staff”(Spencer). Nevertheless, this has also resulted in “3 of 58 Army brigade combat teams are considered ready for combat”(Cooper). Conversely, Obama cut down the military so far that America has 150,000-225,000 troops ready in the Army when all of our combat teams should be ready for combat, so that the armed forces can protect America’s interests at home and abroad. Moreover, the Army is not the only who has experienced decreased readiness, for example, there have been budget cuts across the board which have resulted in “The Air Force is the smallest and oldest it has ever been”(Cooper). “80 percent of the United States Marine Corps or (USMC) do not have the minimum number of aircraft they need for training and basic operations”(Cooper). “The Navy’s fleet is the smallest it has been in nearly 100 years”(Cooper). “Maintenance period will increase costs 2.6 times”(Pickup). Accordingly, all parts of the Armed forces have experienced budget cuts…show more content…
The Air Force prides itself with quality over capacity. “Aircraft average 27 years old”(Cooper) the aircraft are older and the Air Force has less of them than ever before. This is from sequestrations and liquidations under Acts like the BCA for many years. Consequently, the Air Force did not grow during the military build after 9/11. Instead they chose to upgrade their Airplanes and buildings, different from other branches who chose to expand their capacity. The Air Force has been continually cut to the point of “not enough money to fly sorties and pilots being unable to maintain cockpit skills”(Cooper). Nevertheless, pilots are unable to maintain their skills flying due to lack of funding and unable to conduct their missions. Notwithstanding, the Air Force is not able to even fly because they do not have the Aircraft nor the money to fly their Aircraft. This has caused “the most current and qualified Air Force fighter pilots are flying at a rate so low that we could have considered them unfit for combat in the 80’s and 90’s”(Cooper). Accordingly, when pilots are not getting enough time up in the air it causes more errors and makes pilots more likely to commit fatal mistakes. This also gives the enemy an advantage in the air when engaged in combat because the more practice pilots have at flying the better the pilot. Ordinarily, this has caused “Capitol Hill, several top U.S. military
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