The Pros And Cons Of Millennials

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Millennials. What do you often think of when you hear the word Millennials, brainless idiots who don’t know the difference between you and you’re? Or an intelligent and educated young future people of our country? Andrea Lunsford, professor of writing and rhetoric at Stanford University, helps us evaluate her discovery called the Stanford Study of Writing. She believes that this generation is smart based on writing skills and technology. Which means that this generation is smart based when it comes to teaching themselves and developing higher writing skills because technology is all around. From social networks in Google we all interpret it and end of being pros at technology. Previous generations wouldn’t be able to compete with our technology today. As many people such as Nicholas Carr, writer of “Is Google Making Us Stupid?”, claims that websites such as Google has been helping us throughout the years and having us be more independent and self taught rather than dependent on schooling to teach us instead of us teaching ourselves. . People often say how we become dumber based on our technology use such as social media and other certain sites. When in reality, that is how everyone pretty much keeps in touch and connects from all around the world. Which makes us very unique in order to adapt that quickly. We have overcome a lot and the fact that we still are growing to this day should amaze us more than it does. Being “smart”, does not determine what a person knows

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