The Pros And Cons Of Mini Type Families

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In the 21st century, family size has been decreasing in many countries in the world. Whether smaller sized families have more advantages or not is a complicated issue and there are several opinions that to be examined. Arguments favourable of smaller sized families cite that parents who have fewer children have more time to spend on work or leisure, less financial burden to raise children and they can concentrate on the development of children. On the other hand, arguments against include mini type families may lead to the shortage of labour force, Economic shrinkage and children in this kind of family may under pressure from their parents.

There are a number of significant arguments in favor of small-sized families. Firstly, mothers who have one or two children can spare more time on their own, which is important to encourage women to seek for their career life and therefore promote gender equity. It is said that traditional roles for parents are diminishing. (Gao,2015) In the past, it was almost impossible for mothers to work outside for a long time since there were too many children at home waiting for their mothers to feed and company with them. Thus, mothers have no choice but to look after them as fathers are the only bread earners in big families. Whereas, mothers can spend more time on working at present and fathers spend more time on housework, which is quite different compared to parents used to be. The participation of women in labour has significantly increased
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