The Pros And Cons Of Minimum Wage Jobs

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I believe in hand-ups, not hand-outs. If people are working and are not enslaved to government handouts, then socioeconomic mobility can happen. Conservatives believe ultimately in creating jobs and putting people to work. Paul Ryan made a statement that if the top 1% were taxed 100%, the government would only be able to survive for 4 months. Politifact did a fact-check on this and found that it would only fund the government for 2.5 months. Minimum wage jobs were never meant to raise a family and have not been used for that purpose until recently. Why should somebody doing a job that requires little to no skill get paid $15/hour (which is more than many of our armed service people get paid)? Instead, people intending to raise a family can…show more content…
There is no denying the horrible effects that student debt has on so many Americans. However, I do not believe that the correct solution is to make college “free.” In an ideal world, this would be a wonderful concept. We do not live in an ideal world. Increasing taxes to cover the cost of this “free college” would be so detrimental to hardworking American families, especially on top of all of the other tax increases that liberals…show more content…
I have a bit of a skewed opinion on this, because I worked incredibly hard to gain acceptance to a college that was way out of my financial reach. I go to a private school that has many generous donors that enable me to go to school out of state for less than it would cost me to go to school in Georgia. These people were not forced to give their money, but they worked hard and used their degree from Vanderbilt and decided that they wanted to give back. Another interesting fact is that community college is 100% covered by the Pell Grant for those who qualify, so people seeking a higher education have those opportunities. It may not be the same experience as a large university, but the opportunity exists for low-income students. My own father paid for his college with short-term loans while working 2 jobs because he valued his education. I went to a public high school and ¾ of the population didn’t value it or go to class, and then they complain that they can’t get into college. Taking pride in your work and placing value in your education is so important. Self-
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