The Pros And Cons Of Mobile Technology

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Cell-phones, instant messaging, Facebook, and Snapchat all are technologies that stem from one desire: quick communication. Skype allows United State government officials can host crucial meetings with troops overseas. For the businessman, instant messaging helps him close business deals as soon as possible (Ray). Emergencies can be reported faster than ever thanks to mobile phone technologies. Using technology in this way is proper. Unfortunately, there is a darkness to every good invention. Technology today is being misused in a way that blurs the line between public and private life (Wei & Leung). As a result, mobile tech has raised privacy issues of astronomical proportions leading to social disturbances harmful dependability, and a hostile society. How should mobile tech be used in public? Asking senior citizens how mobile tech should be used in public, they may respond that it used for safety and security purposes (Aoki & Downes). Senior citizens are also found to use cell-phones for simple reason such as to call home and ask what else needs to be added to the shopping list (Zickuhr and Rainie). The Traditional generation (born between 1922-1946) were shaped by the Great Depression, World War II, and the Cold. These momentous events taught Traditionals that work is a privilege, that trust and respect to authority would bring the prosperity, and public display of personal information my indite them as traitors. Standards of public respect to authority, common public
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