The Pros And Cons Of Multiculturalism

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Canada is a place known to be a multiculturalism country to many. Although it is meant to be a positive thing in many minds, it is also tended to be a negative thing. This is shown in the essays “No Place Like Home” by Neil Bissondath, and “Immigrants, Multiculralism, and Canadian citizenship” by Will Kymlicka. Both essay make powerful points to why multiculturalism is negative, but also shows the method that the authors use to write such as racism, how both author’s use the pathos and logos method, but also false premises. In the essay, “No Place like home” by Neil Bissondath argues that although multiculturalism has emphasized differences it has also created a divide. Canada is seen to have a record of racism, that shows an ongoing separation in Quebec. This would also include sexism, and various forms of discrimination that are tied in with racism. Till today, people are discriminated on their physical appearance. As multiculturalism grows in Canada racism becomes to be a problem to some. Bissondath goes on to say that although there is a damage of multiculturalism, many Canadians need to, “pursue acceptance of others-not mere tolerance of them” (Bissondath, Page 307). What is meant to be said by that quote is, Canadians need to learn to accept other’s rather than parting ways due to someone’s color, race, or their appearance. However, Will Kymlicka says in his essay, the more multiculturalism the better. Kymlicka says that immigrants are supportive and that they have
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