The Pros And Cons Of Multisport Athletes In Sports

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Counter Arguments While those in favor of sport specialization may argue that focusing all their energy into one sport will increase their chances in furthering their sports career in college, coaches tend to disagree and favor multisport athletes. During my first high school softball meeting, the head coach stressed the importance of playing the different sports we loved. Furthering her point, she added that even though she is the coach of the softball team, she wanted to see us score three-point shots on the basketball court and get kills on the volleyball court. She did not want softball to be the focus of our everyday lives. Favoring multisport athletes, Coach Dabo Swinney, head coach at Clemson University and former three-sport athlete, declared: “I want the multisport guy. I just love that.” Coach Swinney also confirmed that over half of his team in 2016 were multisport athletes; Coach Urban Meyer, head coach at Ohio State University, also values multisport participation stating that “I prefer to recruit natural athletes who like to play football and not just gridiron specialists” (qtd. in Crouse). As a result, both coaches have had tremendous success on the football field, especially Coach Dabo who led his team to a national championship in 2016. Furthermore, the odds of earning a Division I scholarship is minute, and the chances of becoming a professional are smaller. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) reported the probabilities of high school

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