The Pros And Cons Of Narcan

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In the years of the renaissances, the growing epidemic of the world was the bubonic plague, or in the early 20th century, the “Spanish Flu”. The epidemic of today's world, however, isn’t a disease, it's opioid abuse. With a death from opioid abuse every 17 minutes, that makes heroin and opioid abuse cause more deaths than car accidents in the United States (The Opioid Crisis). That’s 47,000 lives lost a year. The release of a new drug known as Narcan is meant to bring down the vast 47,000 lives lost a year (Annual causes of death). With the approval of this drug, in just Ohio, 2,200 lives were saved from Narcan (Ison). So It is obvious that Narcan has saved numerous lives, but with anything, there are cons to this wonder drug. The most obvious are the false sense of security that makes opioid abuse seem less life threatening, and may also encourage heroin use. However, the extreme cost of an overdose and diseases that comes with heroin abuse are only going to increase because of Narcan. With a price of around $22,000 for 500 kits of Narcan, it is easily seen that this drug is expensive(Bresswein). Nevertheless, the cost of a single overdose, by comparison, is around $30,000(Avery). Though…show more content…
Narcan may enable addicts, but with it commercially available, the heroin epidemic will be likely to decline. This wonder drug isn’t just for heroin and opioid abuse, though, anyone who takes an opioid drug such as morphine or codeine is at risk of an overdose(The Opioid Crisis). Accidental overdose is just as dangerous as heroin when it comes to these prescription drugs, so having Narcan available could save their life(Padilla). With 47,000 opioid deaths, 61% of those deaths could of have been saved with Narcan in the household (Kounang). In Conclusion, Narcan has the potential to save thousands of lives yearly, but with the cost and the false sense of security, is it worth
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