The Pros And Cons Of Nationalism In Africa

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Many European countries and the United States conquered smaller, less progressed countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin and South America for the sole benefits of exploiting their resources and prove their power to other developed nations. The colonies of Britain in Africa and India had a fairly peaceful revolution whereas the African colonies of Portugal and France’s Vietnam had a much more violent, deadly one. But all of these colonies embraced nationalism and were willing to do whatever it takes to end their colonial rule. Africa has one of the longest histories with colonization. In the early 1800’s, almost all of the nations in Africa were colonized by European countries. Native Africans were forced out of their own farmland, given small wages for a lot of work, suffered a lot of unemployment, and faced discrimination from their colonizers. Unlike many other colonized places, Africa did see a lot of benefits to colonization such as western education, roads and railroads, and a common language. Just like in other countries around the world, Africa saw nationalism rise among its people and with it, the want to form their own nations. Colonies of Britain were able to gain their independence quite easily since there were not many British living in their African colonies and the costs of keeping a colony were too high. After a couple of years of both peaceful and violence protests, Ghana was the first independent British colony, and many more colonies followed. South Africa
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