The Pros And Cons Of Nazi Medical Experiments

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During Hitler’s mass killing of about six million, Nazis imprisoned many Jews and other races they thought inferior to them in concentration camps. Within the walls of these camps, the Nazi doctors had many opportunities to experiment on the prisoners at the camp in various ways. During the Holocaust, the Nazis performed many different medical experiments on the prisoners at the concentration camps which proved to lacerate and scar the victims of the medical experiment.
One type of experiment that the Nazis performed on the prisoners of the concentration camps could fall into the classification of twin experiments. These experiments dealt with twins going through examination and observation. Taken for examination, the twins entered the concentration camps for “three days of what must have been psychological examination and three days of laboratory experiments” (“The Holocaust: Nazi Medical Experiments”, 1998). During these three days when the experiments took place, the doctors photographed the twins to compare features between the twins. After the twins went through examination and the process of photographing, “Mengele and his collaborators dispatched them with a single injection of chloroform to the heart,” (Tyson, 2000). Mengele conducted most of the twin experiments at the Auschwitz camp because he found twins very intriguing, so he dedicated his time to their experiments. During and after the injection, “care was taken to ensure the twins died at the same time. The
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