The Pros And Cons Of New Atheism

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New atheism is a rising trend and belief in today's modern society. It is a form of atheism. However it does differ from just regular atheism. I am going to talk about why the way new atheists think are wrong. I will do this looking at their position, why it fails, their criticism of Christianity and how Christians can respond to it.
The new atheists position is that religion, supernatural, etc. are obsolete. That everything should be explained by a rational thought and science has the answers. They believe that science has the answers to the questions that are presented. That religion has no answer is not logical or relevant to what is needed or said. They try to disprove religion through science and logic. Believing science and logic will prevail and rational people will see that religion has no place in today's society or world.
The problem with this type of thinking is first you are making assumptions. By thinking people who are logical and rational don't believe in God you assume to know the person's thoughts and feelings. Why would someone who believes in God not be rational or logical person. Do you not want to be saved and know that you are loved. If you
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A big thing that is always brought up about religion from them is the concept of why bad things happen. They will argue if there is a God why does he allow bad things to happen? If there is a God and he allows the bad things to happen then is he really all that great? If there was a God wouldn't he stop the evil from coming and destroying our world. From our belief that a God is all powerful and could stop this but doesn't either means that we are wrong and there is no God or he is not who we think he is. That an all powerful loving creator can not exist with evil in the world. That science explains how things were created and that through science it's just us humans making the evil leaving no reason to have a
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