The Pros And Cons Of Nonbal Communication

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Non-verbal communication is an essential form of expression; it can support a verbal context or merely be the only method of relying on an idea or thought. Interpersonal and Group Dynamic textbook states “non-verbal communication is the primary way we communicate feelings, attitudes and emotions” (p.159). This manifestation can be transmitted through body language, facial expression to murmuring, thus understanding this form of communication is crucial since it can open or close a dialogue. Whereas, someone who is non-expressive, or has closed body language, it can be interpreted to be arrogant or not willing to exchange in a conversation. In this section of the course, I came to realize my non-verbal communication style is both negative and positive. The negative aspect is my body being restless or closed while distracted by other
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This bridging makes it accessible to learn about other cultural communication techniques; consequently, in this exchange, we should consider different languages, beliefs, cultural upbringing to effect communication and interpretation. We cannot assume that if we speak English to someone in which English is not their first language that they would have a clear understanding of certain words, phrases and perhaps even local slang. We can use the same words, but our interpretation is subject to our level of comprehension. What we need to consider when speaking to people of different cultural backgrounds is to remove ourselves away from that perception about the recipient having the same English knowledge as myself. We should consider the possibility of breaking down our explanation in more straightforward terms, ask the other person for clarification, if necessary have an interpreter, use non-verbal signs, study ahead of time about the different culture communication
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