The Pros And Cons Of Nonverbal Communication

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First of all, nonverbal communication can use more channels likely gestures and facial expression at a time than verbal communication. Normally, we know that it is impossible for one person to speak more than one word simultaneously; on other hands, multiple gestures of nonverbal communication give the receiver more messages. According to the research of Albert Mehrabian- a Professor Emeritus of Psychology, UCLA, in communication, messages including the speakers’ emotions are shown 7 percent through words, 38 percent through tone of voice and 55 percent through body language(the 7%-38%-55% Rule) , which means nonverbal communication accounts for more than a half of the transmitting criteria of communication. In his work known as “Silent Messages”,…show more content…
For example, when a person says “I don’t want to talk to you right now”, we will know that he/she do not want to talk by his/her words or maybe realize he/she is angry though the tone of voice. However, if a person just sits still with his/her arms crossing on the chest and brow furrowing, then that person is under the state that has no interest in talking, also he/she can be seen to be angry and anxious.
The second reason can be used to prove that nonverbal communication expresses more than verbal communication is based on continuousness of nonverbal communication. Nonverbal behaviors go on time to time (24/7), while verbal communication presented as speeches are always discrete which means that when people finished a sentence, the meaning also complete at the end of that sentence. Human-being not only communicate with speech, nonverbal communication is also a very significant part of our life, and most of the time we just use it to communicate without noticing. In general, nonverbal communication is instinctive and constant. These characteristics of nonverbal communication can be realized easily in our daily life, for instance, just by going on the street, seeing someone yawning, we will know that this person is rather sleepy and
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