The Pros And Cons Of North Korea

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North Korea is a communist country located west of the pacific ocean, bordering China, Russia, and South Korea. Kim Jong-un is the prime leader in North Korea and successor of the ‘Kim’ Dynasty. He strives to hold a disciplined country, and come across as a strong nation internationally. The ‘Kim’ Dynasty has been able to keep their iron fist in north korea since 1948. To remain in control, North Korea severely limits and restricts expression, movement, and information denying it’s citizens the basic freedoms of modern civilization and forcing them to live as slaves to the regime.

North Korean citizens are denied the freedom of expression. ‘Expression’ including religion, feelings towards the government, and overall opinion.
Although the North Koreans tell the world that religion is a freedom in their nation, in reality, practicing your beliefs is actually seen as a threat towards the regime. Citizens still continue to practice their religions in secret. Yet, if seen doing so, you would receive harmful repercussions, “People caught practicing or spreading religion in secret are punished extremely harshly. including by public execution or being sent to political prison camps.” (
The ability to voice your opinions is also a lacking ability in North Korea. North Korean civilians have very little say in what they can wear, where they can live, and even what their hair looks like. The only opinion that is openly voiced throughout the country is the
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