The Pros And Cons Of Nuclear Energy

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Energy crisis and climatic strain are two sides of one coin. You can never handle one without affecting the other considerably. The world is in search for more efficient and climatically friendly ways of producing electricity. However, we cannot say that we have achieved it all yet. Nuclear energy is one of the most reliable means of generating electricity. It is efficient with the number of kilowatts a nuclear plant can produce in a day. On the other side, accidents at a nuclear plant are way beyond fatal. Side effects are too lethal as well if safety measures are not taken into account. Health, safety, and environmental concerns are some of the most issues that make nuclear plants delicate. The radiations emitted from these plants can be adverse health wise. With all this summed up, the cons of nuclear energy overweigh the pros. Let's delve into its details and determine the same. The first main issue is the nuclear waste. Nuclear waste is believed to remain radioactive for a very long time after disposal. The waste atomic fuel rods can stay radioactive even after 100 years or more. This fact means that the waste transmits radiations and raises temperatures. The effect of these emissions and high temperatures on the living thing is fatal the equipment around get damaged as well. However nuclear plants try to create low-level radioactive waste, but it takes some years for them to decay to levels of safe radioactivity. Either way atomic waste will affect those living around
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