The Pros And Cons Of Nuclear Energy

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The topic concerning whether nuclear energy is a positive or negative reinforcement is proven to be negative. The cost of production of the substance and toxins from the waste outweigh any known good impact. In the expenditure of power nationally, nuclear energy exponentially raises the price (Carrington, 2016). Energy resources are necessary in order for communities to thrive and expand; however nuclear energy is not the only vital resource. Various renewable energy sources can replace the need for nuclear energy for everyday basic needs, thus reducing the risk of nuclear power usage. Nuclear energy is an inevitable danger globally that should be eliminated immediately, an example of the threat it poses is the 30,000 mishaps at the US nuclear-power plants alone since 1979 (Schier & Zott, 2013). The complexity of the situation has increased by a tenth-fold, thus making the disposal of nuclear energy near impossible. However, it is plausible to believe the execution of the plan can still be carried out to get rid of the toxic substance.
The amount of money needed to fund nuclear energy is substantially increasing and has been overlooked. “Atomic energy Commission, reactive vendors, and utilities grossly underestimated the complexity, costs, and vulnerabilities of the first two generations of nuclear power sources” (Cochran, 2005) This energy source is simply an appendage to the other high-priced projects feeding debt. Several large countries, such as the United States, who
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