The Pros And Cons Of Nuclear Energy

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Imagine this, there is a huge rarely used energy source that if tapped can solve the energy needs of entire cities. Nuclear energy is energy produced from the uranium 235 the uranium goes through an extensive system of steps and equipment turning it into nuclear energy. First, water is pumped into a box and uranium is a similar box next to it, but it has control and fuel rods inside to make sure the uranium stays in check. Secondly, it becomes steam from the heat of the Uranium, which also gives it the potential to create energy, and then it goes through a turbine and into a generator. The energy comes from the steam when it makes its way into the generator. The rest of the water that does not turn into steam goes through a circuit to another box with cool pipes and hot pipes. Once there, it is all turned into steam as it enters the hot pipes. The steam goes through the hot pipes and into the cooling tower. At the cooling tower, it cools off and becomes once water again. With the information just stated the reader should now have a little understanding of how nuclear energy works from the inside. In this paper, the reader will learn further about how nuclear energy can be clean, how it takes up a lot of space, and how it can be extremely dangerous. Nuclear energy can be considered clean in many different ways. The first way that it can be thought of as clean is that it does not let out any air pollution. It is common to think that nuclear energy causes air pollution because

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